Kendra Eitniear & Benson Gustafson


ocean coral turquesa room origName of the Bride: Kendra Eitniear

Name of the Groom: Benson Gustafson

Honeymoon Date:
September 24, 2018

Honeymoon Destination:
The couple will honeymoon in the Rivera Maya - Puerto Morelos, Mexico at Ocean Coral & Turquesa. This five-star resort, which received the Condé Nast Traveler award for the best international resort in 2013, is located on the seafront in the area of Puerto Morelos-Riviera Maya. Ocean Coral & Turquesa boasts exclusive suites, theme restaurants, meeting rooms, Despacio Spa Centre, the Dive It! Diving Centre and a wide offer in entertainment and sport.

ocean coral turquesa lobby origThe Wedding:
September 22, 2018

Our Story:
Benson and Kendra had known each other from growing up, going to the same school, and hanging out with the same friends after they had both graduated from high school. A couple of years later, they ran into each other at a house party and Benson started talking to Kendra. Later that summer in 2013 they went to Country Concert and spent the whole time together there and even had their first kiss that started it all. After that, they started talking and hanging out more. On October 11, 2013, Benson asked Kendra to be his girlfriend on her lucky number (11), favorite restaurant (Buffalo Wild Wings), and with her favorite shot (Johnny Vegas). Since then, they have grown up together and added a little piece of heaven to their lives, their daughter, Kenna Lynn Gustafson. They have learned, grown, and loved and now they are wanting to learn, grow, and love forever together.

ocean coral and turquesa3A Special Message:
We are wanting to be able to travel together for the first time with just the two of us out of the country and be fortunate enough to be able to go on a honeymoon. After the wedding, we are wanting to expand our family and will not have time to celebrate us becoming one. Please help us enjoy and have the best time of our lives out of the country and our first time traveling together as one. Thank you for everything we truly appreciate anything. Love soon to be Gustafson’s!

The honeymoon arrangements have been made with Marcia Staber. If you would like to contribute to Kendra & Benson’s honeymoon registry please contact Marcia at the Sylvania office or click here if you would like to contribute online.

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